Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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ntervention department

    Intervention department of Xi’an Central Hospital was set up in 2003, which is the first independent professional department of interventional therapy in Shaanxi. Now we have 2 chief physicians and 1 attending physician. Director Wang Yiqing is the earliest specialist around the world who works in radiological intervention, he carried out firstly the interventional therapy of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion and compression fracture of vertebral body. Since the department was set up, under the guidance of director, professor Wang, we expand various new business and new technology actively based on the broad development of intravascular and non-vascular interventional therapy with the standard of high starting point and strict demand. We carried out many high, new and difficult surgery items, which filled the blank of Shaanxi interventional therapy field. Many techniques are in the leading role in China. We have made tens of thousands of surgeries, which laid a dominant position in this aspect. In 2005, we held the 3rd annual conference on radiological interventions of Shaanxi province. 

    Now the peripheral intervention we carry out mainly includes: systemic arteriography; vascular cavity, esophagus, gastrointestinal stent placement; hemoptysis, digestive tract, uterus and other bleeding embolization treatment; percutaneous bile duct drainage and stent implantation; arteriovenous thrombosis; treatment of perfusion embolization in benign and malignant tumors; the interventional therapy of ectopic pregnancy and infertility; diabetic foot vessel opening and balloon dilation therapy; the perfusion therapy for the ischemia of the femoral head; portal vein system interventional therapy (portal hypertension Tipps; portal thrombolysis and stent placement; the embolization treatment of varicose veins in the stomach; the interventional treatment of bucha syndrome). Especially the interventional therapy of cervical, lumbar disc herniation, vertebral forming is used to treat vertebral compression and vertebral metastasis, they are listed in the western advanced level.