Introduction of Departments
Introduction of Departments

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Blood Transfusion Department

    Blood Transfusion Department was set up in March, 2006. We undertake clinical blood use of more than 1000 beds in our hospital. Transfusion medicine not only involves internal and external, gynecological, pediatric and critical care medicine clinical transfusion treatment, but also involves serology, immunology, virology, molecular biology, transplantation medicine and other basic medical fields, which has developed to an independent medical discipline gradually. Transfusion medicine involves many medical fields, and it is crossed with many medical disciplines, which has a broad prospect.

We have 8 staff, including 3 senior titles, 3 intermediate titles, 2 junior titles, 2 masters and 5 undergraduates, 3 of them work in provincial and municipal institute.
    Now the main businesses have: automated blood group identification; cross matching blood test and difficult matching blood; irregular antibody screening and identification; blood immune compatibility test; serological screening test for hemolytic disease of newborn and postpartum, blood flow mapping technique, plasma exchange technique and neonatal exchange transfusion technique, etc. we also take part in the consultation of clinical difficult blood transfusion cases, guide and supervise clinical scientific and rational use of blood. In recent years, the rate of blood transfusion in our hospital is over 99%. Active blood transfusion and blood irradiation are actively carried out to improve the safety of clinical blood transfusion.
    We carried out various scientific research activities actively. We finished the provincial scientific research issue “Study on the effect of low dose irradiation combined with nano drugs on tumor cells”, took part in the provincial scientific research issue “Experimental study on treatment of acute phosgene poisoning with autologous blood transfusion”, took part in the writing of “Guidance program for massive blood transfusion” and finished the hospital scientific research issue “Investigation of blood group phenotypes in Han and Hui ethnic groups in Xi'an”. Now we are doing a provincial cooperation project. We published nearly 40 papers on core journals above provincial level, 1 SCI paper and finished 2 alones of 20 million words.